Around The World Blog Hop

                                          I have been invited by amazing miniature artist Mijbil Creatures,
                                                    to participate in Around The World Blog Hop!
                                                        It is my pleasure to share my work with many
                            incredible talents and randomly discover new impressive artwork from other artists.

***What are you working on right now?***

I just have finished my new website, so my next project will be 3d felted paint. I will leave a side my miniature felted creatures to make three dimensional wall art, using the same needle felting technique.
I also plan to explore the world of nuno felting and find more new ways to create!
When I am not felting, I am taking photos, sawing or enjoying paper crafts and drawing ^.^



***What makes your work different from everybody else's?***

My work may not be quite realistic but it's still very charming and full of character.
I never make copies, even if requested, each piece created is unique and different.
If they are taken a good care off, my sculpture will last forever!
I can make miniatures of someones favorite animal or their own pets, using just a photo for the reference.



***Why do you do what you do?***

Because Needle felting gave me the chance to fully express my ideas and create something special...something that satisfies me and also make others happy.


I chose to invite two amazing artist to present their work and join this chain 

Dexihexi Pouch Puppies 

Simone Palmer from Germany, makes unique soft sculptures.
She is amazing needle felting artist for Dexihexi Pouch Puppies and she creates beautiful and very realistic needle felted dogs! Always impresses me her attention to detail with every sculpture she makes! 
To check her work, please visit:

Dexihexi Pouch Puppies blog
Dexihexi Pouch Puppies website




Esther Lee from Singapore, with her super cute uniquely crafted teddy bears, kitties, puppies, bunnies... and many more precious critters! Everything she creates is charming, and she also gives
courses to those who want to learn how to create mohair teddies.
To see more from Esther, please visit:

Esther Bears website

***Artist who invited me***

...and of course I need to mention again amazing artist who invited me,
Silvia Minucelli from Sweden and her tiny, adorable miniatures made of polymer clay and hand-painted.
These miniatures stole my heart since the moment I saw them... <3 Firstly I wanted to have one, now I want all of them :P
To follow Mijbil Creatures please visit

Mijbil Creatures blog
Mijbil Creatures etsy shop


  1. Always love all your little felted friends. Beautiful works. Thank u so much for your invitation. I felt so honoured to be part of your blogpage. :)

    1. You are very welcome Esther! I love your creations and I think that everybody must see what you do! <3 <3

    2. Thank you so much for your kind and lovely compliments about my creations :) <3